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Craft Kits and Supplies 2

The supplies and instructions for the wooden wall or door hanger is on an earlier blog. So I will show you the supplies for the wooden plant or flower card and the flower bouquet.

Supplies for wooden plant card:

1. Acrylic paint
2. 2″ by 4″ piece wood
3. 1 oriental chop stick
4. Elmer’s glue or a glue gun

This craft is easy to assemble because you only need to pack in a box 2-3 paints which is enough for all three crafts that are in the box, 10-12 pieces of wood and 10 to 12 oriental chop sticks.

The Activity Director will appreciate you for writing the instructions for each project and putting them in the kit.

Instructions to write for Activity Director:
Have the residents paint the wood front. Then write their name on the wood and paint the name a different color. Dark colors usually work best for painting the name.

Have resident paint chop stick. Glue chop stick on the back. The stick should be put at the top of the wood then glue. (view pic).

Next, supplies for the flower bouquet:

1. Flowers (check thrift stores)
2. Spanish Moss
3. Desert Foam
4. Ribbon (optional)
5. Cats tail (optional)
6. Paint
7. 10 – 12 Mini Terracotta pots (Dollar Tree has 3pk pots).

Instructions to write for Activity Director:

Let the residents paint the pot. Draw flowers or other design on pot and paint design. Cut about 1-1 1/2 inch of foam. Push Desert foam inside the pot as far as it goes and add the flowers to the foam. Add cats tail to the foam if you want. Tie ribbon (optional) into a bow and put around the pot.

You want to have these kits already made ahead of time or on hand it saves you time. T.T.F.N.

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Going to School for Arts and Crafts

Community College

With your special skills of arts and crafts or other hobbies you may apply to be an instructor at the local college in your area that has a “Community and Personal Enrichment Program” or Non-Credit Course of Studies. You can also go online to check for non-credit courses of study where you can also find the person in charge of that department and contact that person.

After you contact the local Community College in your area you may want to start writing your course proposal. The proposal is the most important part of finding employment. Once you have found your niche you want to start making notes of different projects that you have either done before or that you are now working on. So your notes should look something like this:

1. Projects
2. Supplies
3. Cost to Make the Project

Once you get this done you want to start your course proposal. Don’t let the word proposal frighten you, some places that you apply to may want more information but the local Community College here in Nevada asked for:

  1. Basic information like your address, city, state, and zip, and phone.
  2. Course Title
  3. Course Description (100 hundred words maximum).
  4. Materials
  5. Text required if you will have a text you want to put the information
  6. Student Supplies – Ring Binder, Packets, Instructor Notebook, Certificate, Completion, Participation, Other.

You may want to give some thought to what day or days you are available to teach the course, how much you want to charge for the course (fees). and if there are any additional/special expenses or costs you may have as an instructor. Always include these so that the student is paying them.

To find out how much you should charge always do a survey of what others are charging. Look in the Course or Class Catologue and see what the people are charging to teach the subject you want to teach.

One more suggestion I would like to add is that if you don’t feel that you have enough knowledge to teach. Just remember the more you work on your projects you will gain the knowledge that you need. If you still are unsure of your skills go to the local community centers in your area and ask to watch the instructors there.

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    Yard Sign

    Yard Sign

    I have a favorite craft that I would like to share with you. I made these for the seniors to paint to put outside their apartment doors and they love them. However, I also make these to give as gifts. They are yard and garden signs. To make these signs it is a good idea to have a place where you get your wood free like the cabinet maker shops or lumber yards. Just call around to these places and tell them that you do arts and crafts with seniors and they will give you their wood scraps for free. I must tell you that lately I have had to make more calls because of this economy some are saying no. So just keep calling till you get one and use them as your main place to get your wood though I would imagine that you should not have to call more than a couple, maybe three at the most that has been my experience anyway.

    Some supplies you need

    The sizes of wood that you need for your yard sign should be at least 5.5 inches wide by 14 inches long or smaller if you want. I am actually thinking of going a little larger like 1 to 2 inches wider because I find that you can paint more wording and pics on it like trees mountains whatever you want I tend to like to paint nature scenes. If you enjoy pets then use them on your sign you can get cats and dogs (purchased at Hobby Lobby) like the ones in the pic to paint and glue them on your painted board at the top or bottom or where ever your created brain take you. A side note: if you are not as good at drawing as you would like, don’t worry just do like me and use a pencil and draw or write what you want to put on your yard signs or other projects. Remember to use the pencil lightly so that it does not show through your paint and this way to the world you look like an artist. L.O.L!

    Wooden sticks one with sign

    Next the size of the wooden stick that you will attach to your sign is 3 feet long about the size of a yard stick but not as thin but 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch thick  it just depends on your preference. I like to think that it is stronger and will have more support in the ground if it is thicker. Now, to attach the stick to the board I sometimes use the hot glue gun,  or staple gun either is okay. It just depends I have been known to have to put the stick back on for the residents but putting it in the yard should not matter. You can use acrylic paints of try the new soy paints that are in the craft stores. The claim on the advert is that you only need one coat and this should save time and money.

    Here I painted the whole board “Ice Blue” first and then “Hunter Green” at the bottom for grass that the doggies will walk across.

     After the paint dries paint the wording or pics you want on the board. I chose “Dog Crossing” The longer the paint dries the better the letters or words will show and not blend into your other paint.

    Here I painted the dogs and glued them to the board with a hot glue gun. Also, you can use wood glue sparingly to glue them onto the board. To paint the words you can also use a paint pen to help you draw from the craft store. I used a fine small paintbrush to write, then a larger brush to fill in the letters with “Orange #1102”. You can also look into this Ebook about drawing animals in pencil. This ebook should make your arts and craft projects a little easier because all you have to do is draw the animal or picture you want and then paint for a more professional look.


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    Paid to Click Websites – Make Extra Money For Advertising Your Arts & Crafts or Your Website!

    Paid to click advert websites are good for making money when using the advertising side of this business. So, here are two that I use to make money reading advert as well as advertise my online business and my websites.

    What I like most about using PTC sites for advertising is that you get your product out there in an inexpensive way and the public gets to know you or your arts and craft company by name just like watching a commercial on television over again and your advert is also shown in repetition so it will leave an impression in the public mind. PTC websites     are also a good way to build email lists so give these a try.

    Clixsense also offers survey’s for you to take to earn a bit more money and you can use this money to help with your advertising. You may want to install the tool bar so that while you are online working your business, shopping or schoolwork you will never miss out on any money to be made the toolbar dings when there is an advert to view. I just wanted to add that today I received a $30 check  from Clixsense for doing one of their surveys. Hows that for about an hour of work if you can call it work all I had to do was write down on a log sheet that they sent me in the mail each time I wrapped food or non food items in either plastic wrap, foil, or baggies. I logged in the information and mailed it back to the company that was offering the survey and I got my $30 check. I have also received free items to try for different companies such as, food. One time in particular it was my favorite cashews because I was allowed to pick which kind of nuts I wanted to try. On another occasion I get free shaving razors. You just try the stuff and tell the company what you think of it and get paid.

    Hits4Pay.com has more to their website than meets the eye! Not only can you advertise with them but they offer a referral program so that you can sign up with them to read adverts and you are able to refer lots of other people which is really where you make your money anyway. Hits4Pay is the highest paying paid to program on line. They offer two different types of referral plans to choose from. One is 5.99 a month  and Hits4Pay will put your advert in rotation instead of their own ad. Now I did wonder why would they put my ad in front of their own. Well it is because Hits4Pay will make money either way but even more money if your ad is picked because they get paid when we get referrals and because they share their revenue with the members. The second option cost a little more $12 a month to be exact but the money you make reading adverts goes towards this total which means that your advertising is always paid by how many adverts you read. This second option of advertising will get your ad out to the entire subscriber base of 105,000 every other day. These 105,000 subscribers have joined to promote their websites and also to find some other online programs to join. Also, doing this type of advertising is safe and you won’t have to worry about spam complaints.

    For those of you who do not have an advertising budget yet, there is a free and paid option. You can join and promote your Hits4Pay website to 200 random subscribers on the list, I don’t know about you but I like the words free and paid option!

    As always enjoy these sites and have fun!


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    Woodsie Mini Wood Basket

    Today we are going to make what I like to call a Woodsie mini wooden basket. I call it this because you make it from woodsie sticks (mini craft sticks). The woodsie sticks come in a pack of 150 sticks and are 2 1/2 x 3/8 x 1/12 in. They are these cute little wood sticks you can make stuff out of. This is simple to make. If you have made the wooden baskets that look like this you can make this item it is just a smaller replica.

    The thing is they are not inexpensive for your craft kits like the other crafts I usually show you. But they are nifty for gifts or you can put them in your craft kit for the Activity Directors and charge maybe a dollar more for each project if you want it’s up to you.

    The supplies you will need:

    • 1 Package of Woodsies per basket
    • Elmer’s Glue (white)
    • Small wood ball knobs

    Because making this project is very basic I found a YouTube video of a purse being made with craft sticks to help you see how this mini wooden basket is made. You will find that this basic outline is used for several wooden projects ideas.

    Note: When making this project with the woodsie sticks they are much smaller so the basket is also smaller you will start with laying only 7 woodsie sticks down and 4 woodsies accross instead of the 12 popsickle sticks down used in the video.

      The lid is made by putting down 7 woodsie sticks, then 3 across for support and 7 on top (please see photo’s).

      Here are the supplies you will need, Elmers glue or glue gun, woodsie sticks, wood knobs (1-1/4 in), and a paintbrush that you will use to paint the basket with acrylic colors of your choice if you want. If they are for your seniors than you want to leave them plain for them to paint.


      Woodsie sticks for the lid for the basket


      You want to lay out 9 woodsie sticks as straight as possible.


      Then glue three woodsie sticks across the nine woodsie sticks for support.


      Next glue nine more woodsie sticks across to finish the top or lid to the basket.
      Now you can glue a wooden ball for your handle or be creative and pick something different to use as the handle. Some other ideas I like to use as handles for the lid are sea shells, square blocks and small figurines.

      Here is another work at home opportunity. It is building and tuning wind chimes. Who knew right! I guess it is big business these wind chimes. They can be made out of wood, metal and bottles. Upon doing the research people really like them and they are good for gifts as well as making some money. It comes with a book and Wind Chime Designer software.


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      Arts & Craft Sales


      Just wanted to let you know that this is the best time of the year to stock up on your arts and craft supplies. Especially if you are planning on using them for doing arts and crafts at the senior living facilities. Remember to be able to see an income from each class your projects should only cost you 3-4 dollars a class.

      My two favorite stores of course are Jo-Ann’s Fabric & Craft Stores and the Hobby Lobby. I like these stores mostly because of the coupons they offer which are 40 to 50 percent off one item. There are some restrictions on other items you can or cannot purchase with the coupon but I have not had a problem yet with the product I buy for my projects.

      You can go to the store websites and sign up to receive  coupons in your email box.

      Another idea is that you may want to invest in craft sticks, they come in a large size box for 5 or 6 dollars and will be useful to make at least 2- 3 project ideas. Enough for 3 classes of 10 to 12 residents.

      Some big hit ideas are:

      • Picture Frames
      • Candy Dish
      • Jewelry Boxes

      Yes, the jewelry box idea and the picture frame instructions are in the craft stick boxes, and they are projects that have been done over and over and are probably considered old ideas but the residents love them!

      So, try these out and make them your own. Simply put, I like to add buttons to the picture frames, shells for the top of the jewelry box as an opener and a little candy for the residents in the candy dish.

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